Monday, January 28, 2008

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Book 1

Frankenstein" Book One; Prodigal Son Dean Koontz

Over two hundred years old, the "monster" created by Frankenstein lives in monastery in the high mountains of Tibet. He calls himself Deucalion after the brother of Prometheus; he has studied extensively and has learned to control his rage. He attributes his long life to "something" in the lightning that brought him to life; he traveled the world as a carnival freak and made one good friend who he told his story to. The man sends him a newspaper article showing the face of Victor Frankenstein, still alive in New Orleans and a letter explaining that strange things are happening in New Orleans and they might be connected to Frankenstein who now, uses another name. Deucalion leaves the monastery.In New Orleans, two homicide detectives, Carson O’Connor and Michael Maddison are investigating a serial killer who is removing limbs and internal organs from men and women. So far they are perplexed. Various creepy humans and non humans are introduced as they commit heinous crimes and we find Frankenstein, now Victor Helios, still relatively young, extremely wealthy and doing advanced research. He is growing specially structured "non Human" people who come out of a tube wherein their intelligence and knowledge is directly downloaded to their brain. They are fully developed, much stronger and faster than humans and specifically programed for different tasks. Some of "non humans" have been placed city jobs including the Police Department. They are really pitiful creatures, totally controlled and with enate faults (much to the chagrin of Helios) that surface and cause them to question their existence. Helios has also made a few clones that he has inserted into the Clergy. Victor has some kind of a "Huxley" "Brave New World" idea where he intends to do away with the "imperfect" human race and people the world with his own creations. He will create a class system with "Alphas" at the top; with social graces and keen intellect, "Betas" to keep things running and "Omegas" to do the menial and dirty chores.The story tells the adventures of several of Victors creations including his fourth wife (the previous ones had faults and were destroyed), how Carson and Michael work to solve the crimes and the mystery continuing how they meet Deucalion and and learn his history and how Deucalion decides to help them find and attempt to destroy Victor Helios.This was an interesting and suspenseful novel: a little gore but not too bad, good interplay between the main characters and it wets your appetite for the next volume

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post Holiday Drag

I have been neglecting my blog; Christmas at Claudia's was fun, Becca and her family came to Chicago and we did the Museum, went to movies, browsed the book stores, ate at the good places and had a swell time. I got seven new books to read but I have only opened three.

I got the wonderful trilogy by Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials; "The Golden Compass","The Subtle Knife", and "The Amber Spyglass", anxious to start them, "Sin in the Second City" about the Everleigh sisters and their Chicago South Side brothel, heard a lot about them when I was growing up, another Arturo Perez Reverte novel, "The Seville Communion", Alan Bennett's "The Clothes They Stood Up In" and "The Lady in The Van", Murder In Baker Street", an anthology of short stories written by various authors - I did manage to finish that one, Clive Cusslers's, "The Chase" -finished it too and "The Book of IQ Tests" - I have done a few; very difficult and challenging. I will have lots to comment on when when the tax season ends.

I volunteered to do Federal Income Taxes under the VITA/TCE program sponsored by AARP. This is tax help and filing mainly for seniors and people with middle or low income, It's free and starts Feb 3rd.
For the last three weeks I have done nothing but study. I took classes and passed a test to become "certified" but the software is new to me so it has been practice, practice, practice.