Tuesday, December 01, 2009

and their memory was a bitter tree By Robert E. Howard

A great collection of stories of “Conan the Cimmerian”, better known as “Conan the Barbarian”.
Back in the early ‘30s, movies like “Tarzan the Ape Man, “The Mummy” and the Marx brother's “Horsefeathers” were popular and the pulp magazines were beginning to multiply with titles like “Thrilling Wonder Stories”, “True Detective”, and “The Shadow”. It was during this time that Robert E. Howard started writing his short stories with some success. It was when he created a mythical world called the “Hyborian age and placed Conan into one of the countries called Cimmera that he began to see real success. A former writer and Illustrator, Frank Frazetta , teamed up with Howard to do the covers and illustrations. This book contains not only swell stories but great illustrations and all one has to do is look at Frazetta’s Conan and you will see why Arnold was the only choice when the movie was made. This was an interesting and entertaining book; a little heavy on violence and gore but that what they had in those days. Pick it up and look at the pictures, if nothing else.