Monday, April 04, 2011

March 4th 2011 a compilation

I am reminded that I have been neglecting my blog. I have been reading up a storm: books from the library and books on my kindle but I have been lazy about comenting or listing the items so I will just give you a list of most but not all: Now on to a recap of the more recent books. I have been rereading “War and peace” on my kindle and I reread “Les Miserables “(kindle) been a long time long time for both; I reread all of my books.

“Coroner’s Lunch” by Colin Cotterill

“Affinity Bridge” by George Mann
A neat mystery want more of this author

“Ageing Disgracefully” By Colin Cotterill

“Fifty Years to Midnight” by Tom Lewis
Good one Tom!!

“Hitler’s Judas” by Tom Lewis
Another great job

“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”
Interesting but overlong

“Serpent” by Clive Cussler
Usual Cussler fare but fun

“The Osirus Ritual” by George Mann
Great Story; British couple on Her Majesty’s Service

“The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva
Favorite Author

“Zena’s Law by Tom Lewis
Interesting subject, Tom

“Thirty-Two Teeth” by Colin Cotterill Really enjoy this man's writing

“Port Mortuary” by Patricia Cornwell
Pretty good; I have been very disappointed the last few years; every one yells and argues, it is like a hornets nest - too much family.

“Hell’s Corner” by David Baldacci
Another Favorite

“The Third Secret” by Steve Berry
Another marvelous, well researched, novel about The Catholic Church and it’s dogma. Lots of suspense; a reread, you should try it out

“An Embarrassment of Riches” by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Another tale of the 3,500 year old vampire Count Saint-Germain; I have been following him for years and find him most interesting. He travels the world and has totally resigned to the fact that he will never die unless his spine is broken or he is consumed in fire.

This time the Count is in Bohemia; he is employed to provide jewels for Queen Knnegonda. Under the pretense of her going to his place to select the jewels(which St. Germain makes)she has a love affair with the Count.

The story is a little slow getting started but soon the count gets his stride; he is always under suspicion because of his great wealth and his manner. This was an OK novel but not her best.

“Apollo’s Angels” by Jennifer Homans

This is a fascinating and enlightening novel about the history of the ballet written by a ballerina. We learn the history and learn about the lives of the Choreographers and dancers and how many of the ballets we enjoy today were created.

“Toward the Setting Sun: "John Ross the Cherokees” by Brian Hicks

A very sad story of a people wronged by our government, politicians, land hungry speculators, and every day folk. We should be ashamed.

“Sackett” by Louis LaMour

Eventually, I will read all of his works. The Sacketts were spread all over the country and when one was in trouble there was allways another Sackett or 2 to help with the problem.

“Ratification: the people debate the Constitution” by Pauline Maier

The years of 1787-1788 were difficult for the Union. The thirteen states did not seem to be able to act as a country; some of them wanted to act independently an were beginning to loose the confidence of other countries because they were not paying their bills. They needed to further define just what this “new country” was all about. Very enlightening

“Mansions of Darkness” by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Count Saint Germain is in The Viceroyalty of Peru New Spain, Europe was at war and the Count fled to the “New World” for his safety and to learn new things. Unfortunately, the church and it’s inquisition was very strong, as usual.The Spaniards have conquered the Incas, and stole their treasure(for the glory of the crown and church, forced the Incas to become “Christians” and reduced them to servants and poor peasants. Any remaining royalty among the Incas were converted and became a minor part of the ruling class. St. Germain is using his healing skills to aid both Spaniard and Inca alike but is viewed with suspicion by the Local bishop and some Civil authorities and a few local citizens. When a woman He was very close to took her own life by setting herself on fire and hurling herself off a cliff. The church picked up on rumors that he was responsible and issues a warrant for his arrest. He and his loyal friend and servant, Rogero flee to the jungle where he came upon a hidden valley that was lead by a fanatic religious woman who insists he is a messenger from the “Sky people”. She believes that he will give her a child who will redeem their sins. There in no way he could do such a thing and tells her that she is mistaken but she refuses to believe him and keeps him captive until he will admit the he is the messenger. In the mean time there are some who will try to take control of his possessions and wealth.

This novel rates very high with me: the research Ms Yarbro did was very informative as to what was happening in the entire Viceroyalty of New Spain. The novel tells of the severe hardships of the Count’s captivity and of his rescue by his loyal friend. Lots of tension and suspense. A really good read.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Merry Misogynist by Colin Cotterill

Funny, entertaining and mischievous. Colin Cotterill has created a wonderful old character called Dr. Siri Paiboun an old doctor who was called out of retirement to become ( the only)coroner of the newly established(and very inefficient)Peoples Democratic Republic of Laos. Dr. Siri and his morgue associates make great fun of the bureaucrats and the corruption while adapting to the new regime. He is always in trouble with the public housing authority because he takes odd people in the live at his home.

He fancies himself somewhat of a detective; when the authorities find the body of a young girl tied to a tree and very much mutilated, Dr Siri decides to find the culprit. An thus begins a fascinating mystery and search for a killer. The story follows the killer as he plans and executes his mutilation of the girls as well as Dr, Siris actions.

Mr Cotterill lives in the Gulf of Thailand; he has many books to his credit; I have read “The Coroner’s Lunch” and “Ageing Disgracefully” which is a collection of very humorous short stories. There are others that I will get on my Kindle. Read him when you find him.

The Templar Salvation by Raymond Khoury

Interesting and very well researched novel; a prologue starts us off in the year1203 in the city of Constantinople. Templar knights are attempting tom break into the imperial library to find documents that, if presented to the world, would shake the faith of the Christian religion. The Templars want the old writings to blackmail the church to release fellow Templars. They are successful but while making their escape they are duped by some old monks who discover the signifigance of what they are carrying and murder the lot and hid the loot.

The scene changes to the present day in the Vatican where an FBI agent, Sean Reilly along with an Iranian posing as Professor are attempting to get into the secret archives to find an old document relating to the extermination of the Templars and the secrets they kept.

A popular plot used by many authors but never have I met such a mean, vicious and nasty antagonist as the Iranian who wants to expose the secret to the world and create havoc among Christians in the United States. This novel moves like lighting; action and history in every chapter. Some brutal stuff.

FBI agent Reilly keeps missing his opportunity to take out the bad guy and the story goes back and forth between now and the 13th century. I recommend it; Khoury also wrote“The Last Templar”

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Emperor"s Tomb by Steve Berry

“The Emperor’s Tomb” Steve Berry

Once again, Cotton Mather a former U.S. Justice Department investigator and now a rare book seller in Denmark finds himself in the middle of intrigue and danger when a former friend who is being held prisoner and tortured by the Chinese uses his name as some- one the Chinese would be interested in.

The old Premier has two likely successors, both are ambitious and ruthless and intend to change China(for the better or for the even worst). We learn a lot of the history of China, the double dealing of politics and the extreme measures that ambitious people take to obtain power. The plot revolves around the theory of abiotic oil which postulates the oil is not finite, but rather, a natural phenomena that renews itself from the earth’s core and the devious actions of two men trying to take control of the worlds most populated country.

Mr. Berry, as usual, did a splendid job creating his very believable characters and a very exciting adventure.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I am Back!!!

After six months of serious problems with my blog I seem to be able to post again.The many books from the library and my Kindlerun through my mind but it is difficult to discuss any single one. Instead here is a list of some of them:
The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry
Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff
Fifty Candles by Earl D. Biggers(in the early 30s)
The Agony Column Earl D. Biggers (He created Charlie Chan after a real Chinese detective)
The Cavalier with The Yellow Doublet by Arturo Perez Reverte
The Confession by John Grisham
Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier(second reading-really great)
War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy(I keep re-reading- just love it!)
The Currents of Space by Isaac Asimov
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin
Cross Fire by James Patterson
The Floating City by Pamela Hall (Early Hawaii)
Old Books.Rare Friends by Leona Rostenberk and Madeline Stern
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Deliver Us From Evil by Baldacci
The Throne of Saturn by Allen Drury (writer from the 70s-very popular-space and politics)
Long Ride Home by Louis L"Amour
Lots more: will get them later, I remember the names but not the authors

A lot of fiction but with our world as messed up as it is, this is my escape. I was pleased to see over 3700 hits on my little blog; happy I can interest some lookers; many thanks to my followers and my family, Claudia in particular who tells me about books she has read and lends me material from her library. Winter has been hard this year: I miss my bicycle and outdoor activity although I must admit(reluctantly)that with birthday 84 coming up soon, I am slowing down a lot.
I believe that one of my posting problems had to do with my changing my e-mail. is no longer active but I must use it to post on my blog. MY NEW ADDRESS IS

My best to all!!!