Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Templar Salvation by Raymond Khoury

Interesting and very well researched novel; a prologue starts us off in the year1203 in the city of Constantinople. Templar knights are attempting tom break into the imperial library to find documents that, if presented to the world, would shake the faith of the Christian religion. The Templars want the old writings to blackmail the church to release fellow Templars. They are successful but while making their escape they are duped by some old monks who discover the signifigance of what they are carrying and murder the lot and hid the loot.

The scene changes to the present day in the Vatican where an FBI agent, Sean Reilly along with an Iranian posing as Professor are attempting to get into the secret archives to find an old document relating to the extermination of the Templars and the secrets they kept.

A popular plot used by many authors but never have I met such a mean, vicious and nasty antagonist as the Iranian who wants to expose the secret to the world and create havoc among Christians in the United States. This novel moves like lighting; action and history in every chapter. Some brutal stuff.

FBI agent Reilly keeps missing his opportunity to take out the bad guy and the story goes back and forth between now and the 13th century. I recommend it; Khoury also wrote“The Last Templar”

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