Wednesday, August 04, 2010

July 2010

“Empire of The Sun” J.G. Ballard

“The Hittite” Ben Bova

“Innocent” Scott Turow

Really excellent!! Wonderful plot and characters.

“Jane’s Fame” Clair Harman

Book review - Buffalo Bill's Defunct - Sheila Simonson This is from Claudia

Just finished this book and I really enjoyed it. Steve Bero had given
Just finished this book and I really enjoyed it. Steve Bero had given it to me the last time we got together. I think his library had received the advanced copy. It is a current date murder mystery that takes place in Washington State. A single mom (Meg) has just left her daughter who is just starting her adventures at Stanford University, to begin a new life for herself as the Head Librarian in a small town. She moves in and suddenly a dead body is discovered in a secret storage compartment in the floor of her garage. She finds a piece of an artifact (petro glyph) in her garage and smells what she thinks is a dead animal decomposing somewhere in the garage, but alas it turns out there is much more going on......welcome to the neighborhood. It is an easy read (not extremely complex - less so than say Tony Hillerman or a Pendergast novel) and the characters are interesting. Meg (Librarian) uses her information retrieval skills and assists the police investigation to solve the murder. The artifact may be a part of a heist from 10 yrs ago and would therefore belong to the local descendants of the Klalo tribe. Chief Madeline Thomas is someone I would like to learn more about.

This apparantly is a part of a series: A Latouche County Mystery.

Other authors mentioned from Perseverance Press: (Mysteries)
Jon Breen
Taffy Cannon - Roxxane Prescott Series
Laura Crum - Gail McCarthy Series
Jeanne M Dams - Hilda Johansson Series
Kathy Lynn Emerson - Lady Appleton Series
Lev Raphael - Nick Hoffman Series
Rebecca Rothenberg - Botanical Series
Eric Wright - Joe Barley Series

Kathy Lynn Emerson: "How to write Killer Historical Mysteries: The Art and Adventure of Sleuthing Through the Past"
Carolyn Wheat: "How to writer killer fiction: The funhouse of Mystery & the Roller Coaster of Suspense"

I also wanted to inform you about a new movie just released. "AGORA" It is about the Library of Alexandria and Hypatia (daughter of the curator of the library). Regretably, my formal undergraduate education curriculum did not see fit to inform me about her..... I think I have found a new "Artemesia" to explore. Dad, I'm mailing you the article. Movie Website:

Happy reading,

July turned out to be a month of reading and rereading old favorites. I wonder how many people remember A. J. Cronin? He was a Scottish physician who served in World War I as a Surgeon, worked in the coal mine towns under the company medical schemes (which were the model for Britain’s National Health Program) where he wrote papers on coal dust inhalation and pulmonary disease . In 1930 he retired from medicine ant started writing. I reread my two favorites: “The Keys of The Kingdom” about a Catholic priest who was sent to China and refused to accept “rice Christians” in his parish but managed over many years to get a following starting out by opening a medical aid station. “The Citadel”; the trials, successes and failures of a young Scottish Doctor as he found his way in medicine by working the coal mine towns. This was, clearly, a novel based on his own experienced. “Adventures in Two Worlds” is an interesting autobiography which starts when Cronin was a medical student. As you read the biography and all the things he experienced, you recall all of the adventures of the characters in his novels.

I read three more Louis L’Amour novels:

“The Man Called Noon”
“Long Ride Home”
“The Daybreakers”

What can I say? Good Western adventure; I keep trying to discover a time when L’Amour’s protagonist uses a contraction in his speech –very rarely. Just pure enjoyment.

Lucy By Laurence Gonzales

A fascinating and thought provoking story that deals with genetic tampering, morality, ethics and religious thoughts that arise when a woman Primatologist, Jenny, discovers a young girl in the jungle in the devastated research camp of a fellow primatologist. Civil war rebels have murdered the scientist and everyone in the camp but the girl, Lucy, somehow escaped. After grabbing whatever notebooks she could find they fled home.

Lucy is a beautiful, very intelligent part Bonobo chimpanzee and part human; the result of an experiment conducted by the scientist who was slaughtered by the rebels. She speaks perfect English and several other languages, she is well read and classically educated.

Where does Lucy belong in our society? There are those who consider her an abomination and should be destroyed, some want her in a cage, others want to study her; literally dissect her. I was charmed by Lucy and was angered by how mean and shameful people, society, religious groups and the government can act out of fear and lack of understanding. Splendid read!!