Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Merry Misogynist by Colin Cotterill

Funny, entertaining and mischievous. Colin Cotterill has created a wonderful old character called Dr. Siri Paiboun an old doctor who was called out of retirement to become ( the only)coroner of the newly established(and very inefficient)Peoples Democratic Republic of Laos. Dr. Siri and his morgue associates make great fun of the bureaucrats and the corruption while adapting to the new regime. He is always in trouble with the public housing authority because he takes odd people in the live at his home.

He fancies himself somewhat of a detective; when the authorities find the body of a young girl tied to a tree and very much mutilated, Dr Siri decides to find the culprit. An thus begins a fascinating mystery and search for a killer. The story follows the killer as he plans and executes his mutilation of the girls as well as Dr, Siris actions.

Mr Cotterill lives in the Gulf of Thailand; he has many books to his credit; I have read “The Coroner’s Lunch” and “Ageing Disgracefully” which is a collection of very humorous short stories. There are others that I will get on my Kindle. Read him when you find him.

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