Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Emperor"s Tomb by Steve Berry

“The Emperor’s Tomb” Steve Berry

Once again, Cotton Mather a former U.S. Justice Department investigator and now a rare book seller in Denmark finds himself in the middle of intrigue and danger when a former friend who is being held prisoner and tortured by the Chinese uses his name as some- one the Chinese would be interested in.

The old Premier has two likely successors, both are ambitious and ruthless and intend to change China(for the better or for the even worst). We learn a lot of the history of China, the double dealing of politics and the extreme measures that ambitious people take to obtain power. The plot revolves around the theory of abiotic oil which postulates the oil is not finite, but rather, a natural phenomena that renews itself from the earth’s core and the devious actions of two men trying to take control of the worlds most populated country.

Mr. Berry, as usual, did a splendid job creating his very believable characters and a very exciting adventure.

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Claudia said...

Interesting idea. sounds like a good read